Refugee 11 – web series

REFUGEE ELEVEN is a project commissioned by Germany’s Federal Agency for Civic Education. At the core of the project is a web-series of 11 short films. 11 players from an amateur refugee soccer team meet with 11 professional soccer players who themselves were refugees once. Each video is a conversation of both players and their story allows viewers to relate in a more sensitive manner to subjects like escape, asylum and integration.

The players talk about subjects that shaped their lives. Causes for escape, the experience in itself and the consequences of escape are some of those subjects. Vedad Ibisevic – Captain of Hertha BSC, Schalke-Legend Gerald Asamoah and Former National Player for the German National Women’s Team Fatmire „Lira“ Alushi are – among others – part of the series.

REFUGEE ELEVEN was created to discuss subjects revolving around refugees with young adults between the ages of 14 and 24. The videos encourage to talk about difficult subjects, and initiate the debate. The German Federal Agency for Civic Education provides additional educational material for scholar and extra-scholar activities. It procures basic knowledge on the subject and allows a more in-depth view on the matter.

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Watch online here with German, English, French or Arabic subtitles:




The REFUGEE ELEVEN textbook was conceived for scholar and extra-scholar activities. It is therefore accessible through a wide range of complimentary media platforms. Each chapter is based on one corresponding video that will allow to stimulate the debate and transfer knowledge on subjects that revolve around refugees such as reasons for escaping, and the difficulties and consequences that come with it. Students will be enabled to understand the circumstances and perspectives of refugees, to question existing prejudices, to analyze a wide range of information on the subject and to reflect and develop a personal opinion on the matter, allowing them to participate constructively in the public debate.


DVD, Subtitles: German, German SDH, English, French, Arabic, Audio description, sign language.

You can download the textbook (in German) here.
You can order a print version of the textbook (in German) here.

Refugee Eleven is produced by DOCDAYS Productions for Germany’s Federal Agency for Civic Education.

Director: Antje Boehmert
Writer: Mareike Müller
DoP: Knut Schmitz (bvk)
Additional Camera: Sven Klöpper
Editor: Marcel Riedel
Music: Tim Stanzel
Producer on Location: Arndt Fehl
Associate Producer: Carmel Fuhg
Executive Producer: Antje Boehmert

Published by: Federal Agency for Civic Education
Editor (bpb): Clemens Stolzenberg
Editors: Mareike Müller, Antje Boehmert
Assistance to Editors: Edyta Golab
Consultant: Saliha Kubilay
Coordination: Carmel Fuhg
Layout: Ann-Kristina Simon