Myanmar: Defining freedom

How Burma’s youth experiences change

Suddenly everything seems possible: free elections, the release of political prisoners and a peace agreement with the rebels. The pace of the changes in Burma surprised the world. The youth has freed itself from the chains of dictatorship.

There are the “My N Mar Girls” who want to change the society through their songs. And there is Pyio-Pyio, the 21-year-old activist, who has spent four years in prison and is now campaigning for Aung San Suu Kyi. They all strive for freedom and for democracy. They all dream of a better life, a dream still very fragile. This film tells the remarkable transformation of Burma from the perspective of the youth.

Directed by: Carl Gierstorfer, Carster Stormer
Camera: Carl Gierstorfer
Editor: Marcel Ozan Riedel
Executive Producer: Christian Popp
Commissioning Editor ARTE: Uwe-Lothar Müller

Length: 26 min
Release Date: 2012

A production of DOCDAYS Productions for ARTE.