Bronze Animation/Motion Grahics, Lovie Awards 2016


Mawah is a village – or town, as its inhabitants proudly insist on calling it – like many others in rural Liberia. The people eke out a living from fishing and farming. The 800 or so villagers all know each other, most are related or at least friends. Be it sickness, draught or war – the community sticks together even in the worst of times. Exactly this community spirit was fateful to Mawah during the outbreak.

It all begins in August 2014: A young man suffering from a mysterious illness is brought to a healer in Mawah. A couple of weeks later 38 villagers are dead. Victoria, midwife and speaker of the local women’s association, will guide you through her village. You will visit the sites of the outbreak and find out what impact Ebola had on Mawah and its people. Experience the events through Victoria’s eyes.

MAWAH – WHEN EBOLA CAME TO OUR VILLAGE visualizes the Ebola-epidemic in Liberia and documents the devastating aftermath. The story draws its audience into the midst of Mawah, a quaint Liberian village. By focusing on one village to convey the larger picture, the story of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa can be grasped easily and becomes emotionally tangible.

MAWAH – WHEN EBOLA CAME TO OUR VILLAGE is the web component to Carl Gierstorfer’s documentary film WE WANT YOU TO LIVE.


Concept & Writing: Mareike Müller, Laura Salm-Reifferscheidt
Idea & Camera: Carl Gierstorfer
Collage & Art Direction: Eugen Schulz
Webdesign & Programming: Florent Martin
Animation: Anna Caroline Arndt
Infographics: Felix Bangert
Editing: Marcel Ozan Riedel
Executive Producer: Antje Boehmert
Commissioning Editors ARTE Future: Katja Dünnebacke, Nicole Hellmann, Aurélie Marx
Commissioning Editor SWR: Bernd Seidl

Release Date: 2015

A production of DOCDAYS Productions in co-production with SWR, in collaboration with ARTE. Supported by The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.