My Name is Khadija

The 27 year old Khadija wants to lead a life according to Koran and wears a headscarf. Actually her name is Tatjana and a convert in Moscow. Until recently Khadija was a care-free Russian girl, now she is dressed modestly. For her appearance she is yelled at in the streets and sometimes bypassers give her the looks as if she was a suspious person. Her parents have turned against her. Tatjana lives two lines: she wants to be a good Muslim, but she does not want to give up her freedom.

Filmmaker Katja Fedulova meets a young woman, who fights to find her place in Russia’s orthodox society. Silently and closely, her film explores the difficulties of a young woman to lead a fulfilling life.

Original title: Mein Name ist Khadija

Director: Katja Fedulova
Script: Dorothea Nölle
Camera: Siri Klug
Sound: Elena Petrosyan
Editor: Lena Rem
Producer on Location: Elena Lvova
Executive Producer: Jean Boué
Production Manager: Mareike Müller
Producer: Antje Boehmert

Length: 45 min
Release Date: 2015

A production of DOCDAYS Productions for ZDF/3SAT.