Westwards to work

Uwe and René, two of thousands of workers, who decided to go for more work and less family life. They are only home on the weekends. It’s then they can be loving fathers, husbands and friends to rely on. At home they are confronted with big exceptions and duties they never come round to meet. A commuter’s life – full of remorse and lonelieness. The story of breadwinners who are never home, at least five of seven days.

After 911 ADAMSHOPE  director Jean Boué finished his second documentary about life in economically underdeveloped regions in the former GDR. He follows people to their work far away from  home. Commuters who stay lonely for four nights every week to enjoy family life just on the weekend.

Written & Directed by Jean Boué
Camera: Oliver Gurr, Knut Schmitz (bvk), Anne Misselwitz
Sound: Arndt Henning, Zora Butzke, Manja Ebert
Editor: Marcel Ozan Riedel
Music: Hans-Jörn Brandenburg
Producer: Mareike Müller
Commissioning Editor NDR: Christoph Mestmacher
Executive Producer: Antje Boehmert

Length: 60 min
Release Date: 2015

A production of DOCDAYS Productions for NDR.