The Wollersheimer

The villagers of Wollersheim dream of a grocery store, of a small one, one of those you no longer find today because they don’t make much money: a village shop.

The Wollersheimer take on the fight. They collect votes and money for their cooperative project. More than two years pass – a time, during which neighbours become business partners – in good days and in bad days. However, in the end, the “Wollersheim village shop” opens.

THE WOLLERSHEIMER is a documentary covering three years of observation – a Heimatfilm in four episodes.


Director: Antje Boehmert
Camera: Knut Schmitz (bvk)
Sound: Jens Grumpelt
Editor: Julia Heimbach
Music: Salon Mondial
Executive Producer: Antje Boehmert
Commissioning Editor WDR: Dorothee Pitz

Length: 4 x 29 min
Release Date: 2014

A production of DOCDAYS Productions for WDR.