Beyond Punishment

Three different countries and one case of deadly violent each. Three men who have killed and three families who have lost a beloved one. In our standard idea of guilt and punishment this means three who get punished and three who are meant to forget. No way to imagine the two sides will ever get closer. The film tells three times the impossible story: To meet your enemy, in thoughts, in messages, in real life. In Germany, in Norway, in the US.

BEYOND PUNISHMENT tells the stories of Leola, Lisa and Sean, of Erik and Stiva, and of Patrick and Manfred. The people involved in these three life-changing acts of violence have still not found peace – neither the victims nor the offenders. Years after judgements are made and sentences served, both sides are still searching…

Three crimes in three different cultures, three legal systems, and different ways to come to terms with trauma. The film enters new territory by positing that the pain of loss can be overcome by something other than retaliation and punishment.

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Winner Festival Max Ophüls Price, 2015

Nominated for Best Documentary Film, German Filmprice, 2016

Best Director, METROPOLIS, 2015

Berlinale – LOLA, 2015

Nominated Hessischer Filmpreis, 2015

Film ohne Grenzen Festival 2015

DOK.fest München 2015

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Writer & Director: Hubertus Siegert
Camera: Marcus Winterbauer, Jenny Lou Ziegel, Börres Weiffenbach
Sound: André Zacher
Editor: Anne Fabini
Producer: Hubertus Siegert
Co-Producer: Christian Popp
Commissioning Editor 3sat: Udo Bremer

Length: 90 min
Release Date: 2015

A production of S.U.M.O. Film in co-production with ZDF/3SAT and DOCDAYS Productions. Supported by HessenInvestFilm, German Federal Film Fund (DFFF), German General Filmboard (BKM), Creative Europe | Media Development, DEFA Foundation, Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.