AGFA 1939

Young Polish filmmaker Michał Wnuk finds a box of 120 Agfa Photographs and 2 reels of 16mm film. For the first times, he believes he is able to see the war through his grandfathers eyes. A Sileasian who served in the Wehrmacht. But soon he discovers that the box doesn’t belong to his grandfather Alois but to his Home Army Uncle Elek.

Michał embarks on a journey to find the story of the Agfa Box. He criss-crossed Poland and Germany – a journey that leads him also back in time to the summer 1939.


Culture: In Michał Wnuk’s documentary debut, his private family history becomes an introduction to a story about the difficult Polish-German past. It all started with a film in his family archives. Amongst the many family mementos given to him by his father was a 16mm film that revealed pictures of daily life on the front during World War II. There were also 120 photographs that the author – most probably a German soldier – took of the Nazi campaign, massive exterminations in the Częstochowski ghetto, the destruction of Warsaw after the Uprising in 1944…

Director: Michał Wnuk
Camera: Michał Popiel-Machnicki
Sound: Paulina Bocheńska, Michał Robaczewski
Editor: Maciej Pawliński
Creative Producer: Mareike Müller
Executive Producer Balabusta: Magdalena Kaminska
Executive Producer DOCDAYS: Antje Boehmert

Length: 52/45 min
Release Date: 2014

A production of DOCDAYS and Balabusta in co-production with rbb/mdr for ARD. With support by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and the Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej.