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My name is Khadija

The 27 year old Khadija wants to lead a life according to Koran and wears a headscarf. Actually her name is Tatjana and a convert in Moscow. Until recently Khadija was a care-free Russian girl, now she is dressed modestly. For her appearance she is yelled at in the streets and sometimes bypassers give her the looks as if she was a suspious person. Her parents have turned against her. Tatjana lives two lines: she wants to be a good Muslim, but she does not want to give up her freedom.
Filmmaker Katja Fedulova meets a young woman, who fights to find her place in Russia’s orthodox society. Silently and closely, her film explores the difficulties of a young woman to lead a fulfilling life.

Duisburger Filmwoche 2015

Nominated for Germany’s Grimme-Award 2016

Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung Die Filmemacherin Katja Fedulova hat jahrelang recherchiert, was junge russische Frauen dazu bringt zum Islam überzutreten. In „Mein Name ist Khadija“ begleitet sie eine von ihnen durch ihren Alltag – als Kopftuchträgerin wird Chadischa angefeindet, aber auch sie tut sich schwer mit ihrer neuen Rolle.

Original title: Mein Name ist Khadija
Director: Katja Fedulova
Script: Dorothea Nölle
Camera: Siri Klug
Sound: Elena Petrosyan
Editor: Lena Rem
Producer on Location: Elena Lvova
Executive Producer: Jean Boué
Production Manager: Mareike Müller
Producer: Antje Boehmert
Duration: 45 min
Release Date: 2015

A production of DOCDAYS Productions for ZDF/3SAT.