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No smallest room in Kibera

In Nairobi you rarely locate public restrooms. In whole Kenia there are far too few toilets at all. This touches one of the biggest problems worldwide – the absence of sanitation. In the slums of Kibera the alternative is a plastic bag, the so called ‘flying toilet’, which is even worse.

Now a couple of entrepreneurs in Kenya are about to change that. In Nairobi a competition just started in order to get the people’s excreta. A big problem is about to become soon a big business.

The film examines this ‘state of affairs’ from the perspective of the Kenyan locals. “No smallest room in Kibera” is a film about a hard-fought competition: the sanitary concepts market. Possible target group: 8 million people in Kenya and 2.7 billion people worldwide.

Original title: Kein stilles Örtchen in Kibera
Director: Jean Boué
Camera: Oliver Gurr
Sound: Zora Butzke
Editor: Thomas Wellmann
Producer on Location: Anjella Nancie
Music: Tunedem Band
Executive Producer: Christian Popp
Commissioning Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger
Duration: 42/30 min
Release Date: 2012

A production of DOCDAYS Productions for ZDF/ARTE.