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Escape from Siberia

It is the year 1915. Lajos Petho, a man from Hungary, escapes a Siberian prisoner of war camp. He walks 8,000 kilometres by foot. The long march from Irkutsk to Budapest leads through rough terrain and inhospitable areas. It took three years until his family is finally able to embrace him in 1918.

A century later, his grandson Lou set off in his grandfather’s footsteps to overcome this incredible distance one more time. Along the way, he comes face-to-face with rough Russian reality and merciless natures. The way through Taiga and Tundra seems shear endless.

Lou would like to know what it was like back then on the run during the turmoil of World War I that also marked the beginning of the Russian Revolution. An adventurous story before a historical backdrop…

Directors: Ludovic Petho, Christian Popp
Camera: Ludovic Petho
Sound: Ludovic Petho
Editor: Roman Dymny
Executive Producers: Christian Popp, Fabrice Estève
Co-Producers: Ségolène Fossard, Antje Boehmert
Production Manager: Marilyn Belbenoit
Duration: 90 min
Release Date: 2014

A production of YUZU Productions in co-production with DÉCOUPAGES, DOCDAYS Productions and ARTE, produced with support of MEDIA Programme of the European Union, Robert Bosch Stiftung and CNC.