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911 Adamshope

One in six villagers is involved in the local fire brigade – voluntarily. There are ten women and fifteen men. Most of them spend only their weekends at home. Work is only available in the West or at least elsewhere. There better be no alarm during the week. They are desperately looking for young people stepping in their footsteps. The defence system will celebrate its 65th Anniversary this year. The firehouse receives a new coat of paint. One of the volunteers will celebrate his 50th birthday and yet another is finally promoted to master extinguisher. The women’s team would like to win again the competition of fire brigades. A shed is on fire and a tree falls. It is truly, just another year around here.

911 ADAMSHOPE is the story of a lone fire brigade located in the middle of nowhere – the voluntary fire fighters of the village of Adamshope. The filmmaker walks alongside three generations with public sense through four seasons.

The film looks cheerfully at a serious issue, which concerns all of us – in Germany, three fourths of all fires are fought by voluntary fire fighters – just like the one in Adamshope.

Filmkunstfest in Schwerin, Germany 2015

Wolf sieht fern (Fritz Wolf) Und auf einmal gewinnt dieser bescheidene Film über ein kleines Dorf an Welthaltigkeit. Die Provinz ist nicht provinziell und in ihr kann man noch einmal einen Vorschein davon sehen, was Gesellschaft sein könnte. Wer sonst erzählt einem sonst solche Geschichten aus der Nähe als der Dokumentarfilm?

Original title: Adamshoffnung 112
Director: Jean Boué
Camera: Knut Schmitz (bvk)
Sound: Oliver Lumpe, Jens Grumpelt
Editor: Thomas Wellmann
Producer on Location: Mareike Müller
Music: Hans-Jörn Brandenburg feat. Franziska Rilke
Executive Producer: Antje Boehmert
Production Manager: Eva-Maria Wittke (NDR)
Duration: 70 min
Release Date: 2013

A production of DOCDAYS Productions for NDR.